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EasyCoat Covering

Easycoat Polyester Covering Film

Easycoat is a low-cost polyester shrink-on covering film for model aircraft, to be applied with an iron and or shrunk with a heat gun.

What makes Easycoat stand out are its excellent shrinking qualities and extremely easy application.

Easycoat consists of a special polyester basic material and a special, thermo-activated adhesive containing colour pigments.

Normally applied with temperature at approx. 80°-100°C. At this temperature Easycoat will keep its dimensions relatively constant.

Easycoat Specifications

At 150°C there will approx 10% shrinkage lengthwise and crosswise. The melting point lies at approx. 250 °C.

Environmentally friendly as it contains no heavy metals.

Material Thickness approx 32-45um

Weight approx 49-62g/m2 dependent on colour

Tensile Strength (lengthwise and cross Wise) Min 219N / 50mm

Breaking extension (lengthwise and cross Wise) min 90%

Adhesive power 7n / 25mm

Shrinkage min 10% in both directions (ref temperature 150°C)

Easycoat Red 10 Meter Roll

Easycoat Red 10 Meter Roll

Price: £48.30 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 5523833

Easycoat Silver 2 Meter Roll

Easycoat Silver 2 Meter Roll

Price: £10.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 5523991

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