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Ripmax Quantum II Motors

Quantum II Motors

Quantum II range of electric motors are designed to offer performance, efficiency, build quality and value-for-money in a wide array of sizes.

To make things simple they are labelled as equivalent IC engine sizes and list recommended voltage, esc size and prop sizes to assist you.

Every motor includes a mounting kit comprising of a tough metal motor mount and a CNC metal prop adaptor that bolts to the can. For easy connection to the speed controller the motor comes pre-wired and the corresponding gold connectors are supplied for the ESC.

Quantum II 400 Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-0400
 in stock

22.50  each

Quantum II 480 Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-0480
 in stock

RRP 25.99 You Save 10%
23.50  each

Quantum II 15 Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-15
 in stock

RRP 28.00 You Save 8%
25.80  each

Quantum II 20 SPEED Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-20S
 in stock

RRP 29.99 You Save 8%
27.50  each

Quantum II 25 Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-25
 in stock

RRP 31.00 You Save 8%
28.50  each

Quantum II 25 Speed Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-25S
 in stock

RRP 31.00 You Save 5%
29.50  each

Quantum II 36 Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-36
 in stock

36.98  each

Quantum II 40 Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-40
 in stock

39.98  each

Quantum II 55 Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-55
 in stock

52.50  each

Quantum II 61 Brushless Motor

SKU: M-Q2-61
 in stock

64.98  each

Quantum II 480 Main Shaft

SKU: X-Q2-MS0480
 in stock

1.98  each

Quantum II 15 Main Shaft

SKU: X-Q2-MS15
 in stock

1.98  each

Quantum II 20 / 25 Main Shaft

SKU: X-Q2-MS20
 in stock

1.98  each

Quantum II 36 Main Shaft

SKU: X-Q2-MS36
 in stock

1.98  each

Quantum II 40 Main Shaft

SKU: X-Q2-MS40
 in stock

2.99  each

Quantum II 55 Main Shaft

SKU: X-Q2-MS55
 in stock

4.50  each

Quantum II 61 Main Shaft

SKU: X-Q2-MS61
 in stock

4.50  each

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