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Measuring Tools

Digital Multimeter AC & DC

SKU: T-TS589681
 in stock

6.20  each

Engineers Square 75mm

SKU: T-TS868644
 in stock

4.20  each

Engineers Square 100mm

SKU: T-TS675146
 in stock

4.60  each

Angle Rule and Gauge 5 in 1

SKU: 5532722
 in stock

RRP 14.99 You Save 10%
13.50  each

Depth Gauge 6 Inch (150mm)

SKU: 5532735
 in stock

8.75  each

Protractor with Depth Gauge Scale

SKU: T-TS783181
 in stock

6.30  each

Protractor Stainless Steel

SKU: T-TS793829
 in stock

5.90  each

150mm Steel Rule

 in stock

1.00  each

Digital Vernier Caliper 150mm

SKU: T-TS380244
 in stock

17.50  each

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