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Watt Meter and Power Analyser 150A

Watt Meter and Power Analyser 150A

Ref: CML-ET0506

Brand: Etronix

Watt Meter and Power Analyser 150A

Helps to prevent peak currents damaging battery, ESC's, motor, wiring and connectors.

Set cut off voltages, check battery capacity & health.

Confirm proper battery charger operation.

Measure receiver and servo current to determine if a UBEC is needed.


Operates from 4.8-6.0v

OV with potential auxiliary battery

Measures 0-150A resolution 0.01A, 0-60V resolution 0.01V, 0-6554W resolution 0.1W, 0-65Ah resolution 0.001Wh, 0-6554Wh resolution 0.1Wh

16x2 backlit LCD display

Dimensions: 85x42x25mm

Weight: 82g

Price: £24.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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