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Used Hacker Motor A10-9L with Adaptor

Used Hacker Motor A10-9L with Adaptor

Ref: SH-A10-9L-adaptor


These hacker A10-9L motors were used in proof of concept quads, they have had very little use. Each motor has been tested.

Great little motors for indoor and small models, comes with prop adaptor with M3 threaded shaft with 4mm diameter prop hub

  • Aircraft Type: Indoor/Parkfly
  • Max Aircraft Weight: 500g
  • Max Aircraft Weight (3D Performance): 200g
  • Kv (rpm/V): 1700
  • Max Power (W): 75W
  • Max Amp (15sec): 8A
  • Max Efficiency: 79%
  • Io (No load A): 0.72A
  • Rm (Resistance): 0.18 Ohm
  • Shaft Diameter: 2mm
  • Motor Diameter: 21mm
  • Motor Length: 25mm
  • Motor Weight: 20g
  • Built in Fan: N/A
  • Max Rpm: 25,000
  • Poles: 12
  • Case: Outrunner
  • ESC Timing: 20-25 deg
  • ESC Switching Freq: 8-16KHz
  • Recommended ESC: 10A
  • Recommended Prop 2S Lipo: GWS 8X4.3, APC 8X3.8, Gunther

Price: £5.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

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