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Solartex Info

Iron on self adhesive fabric. A very strong covering material. Weight: 85~98 g.s.m. Very easy to apply. Much stronger than films, but heavier. Has a satin surface which is already fuelproofed with a resin coating. Easily cleaned with soapy water to remove dirt or oil. Apply Clearcoat to make glossy or protect from soiling. Best for large models, old timers and vintage models, or medium to large models with open frame construction and scale models of fabric covered aircraft. The strongest and toughest covering. Iron on application. Can be painted with Clearcoat (to add gloss) and with Solarlac.

Note: Solartrim does not stick properly to Solartex. Do NOT use varnish or polyurethane type fuelproofers, dope or car cellulose on Solartex.

Solartex Info Cont

Model Preperation - the aim is to provide a smooth, even level surface for the solartex to bond securely. After any filling be sure to wipe away any sanding dust. Pre- Coating of balsa (eg with dope) is unnecessary. On Plywood or similar hard surfaces use a very thin coat of clearcoat applied with a small pad of cloth rubbed into the grain and allowed to dry. this will ensure a good bond between the solartex and the wood when the solartex is ironed on.


Use clearcoat inside the engine, fuel tank bays and around the nose. Allow clearcoat to dry for atleast 24 hours before applying solartex. Apply clearcoat or solarlac over the joints and edges of the covering.

It is not necessary to fuel proof solartex.

Dark Blue Solartex - 26

Dark Blue Solartex - 26"x2M

Price: £15.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: T-F4/25

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