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Flying Wing 480-Si Electric 48in ZAGI

Flying Wing 480-Si Electric 48in ZAGI

Ref: 5500287

Brand: JP

By popular demand the JP 480-Si has now been re-introduced! Still regarded as one of the best flying wings ever produced because of its flying attributes and durability.

What makes the JP 480-Si such a favourite? Fast and Easy to build. There are only 4 parts to glue together so build time is very fast!


Each kit comes with 1 roll of coloured tape. Most people like to personalise their flying wings using the 5 different colour bullet tapes to enable you to come up with your own personalised design

Building for strength and durabilityThe 480-Si built in the stock format is a lightweight flying wing designed to fly slow with very little power, however, the 480-Si can also be built to a much stronger format and can help in the advent mid-air collisions and such likes! Adding strips of Glassweave tape from wingtip to wingtip before covering, increases the strength considerably. 25mm Glassweave tape is normally fine but 50mm Glassweave can be used for maximum strength, but remember, a heavier model is harder to launch!


The recommended motor and prop combination is the JP400 Torque InRunner 2000 A28-15 motor with a 6x5.5 APC Electric prop.

Key Features
  • Suitable for beginners and experts.
  • Quick to build - buy today, fly tomorrow.
  • High gloss polypropylene covering tape included.
  • Can be built in 3 versions to suit anything from flat field flying to combat.
  • Factory moulded wing speeds assembly.
  • Servo and R/C cut-outs pre-moulded.
  • EPP leading edge absorbs impact.

  • Wingspan (mm): 1220 (48)
  • Wing area (sq. ft.): 2.8
  • All-up weight (oz): 30 (860g)
  • Channels reqd: 3 (with delta mixing)

Price: £49.98 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 54.99 - you save 9%

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